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Wordspin Founder Anita Wardlaw is an award-winning business communications specialist, writer, and editor, with extensive project management, public relations, sales, marketing, and nonprofit experience. A people person, Anita captivates diverse audiences of all ages. Anita is sought after as an inspirational speaker, skilled teacher, and award-winning singer. A licensed Christian minister, Anita has exhaustive experience leading community outreach, and recruiting, training, and managing volunteer teams.

Wordspin, Anita's consulting service, has helped diverse clients to communicate with excellence, integrity and truth.

Anita's busy schedule includes writing and editing assignments,  speaking engagements,  solo singing for special events, hosting and producing her TV show - A Fresh New Day, and leading community outreach ministry. 

Having addressed diverse audiences across the United States, and in other countries, Anita inspires children and adults toward excellence and Biblical wholeness. Anita's keen multicultural awareness and First Nations' understanding, sets her at ease with all people. A Fresh New Day with Anita, Anita's TV show, is broadcast on channel 14 in the Blaine, MN viewing area or online at northmetrotv.com on channel 14. Episodes of the show also are broadcast on the Youtube channel envisionedtechexec. For example, watch an episode about the exciting FGFNA outreach to Native America by clicking on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFqXBCte6

To view an amazing episode highlighting internationally applauded Dr. Negiel Bigpond and Chief Kenny Blacksmith and their roles in recent history making events in Canada and the United States of America click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCrbxig0aNo

Pictured at the 2013 North Metro TV VIP Awards Banquet with her husband Howard, Anita holds The 2013 Good Word Award, which the Blaine, MN TV station gave her for excellence as public access producer of A Fresh New Day with Anita.

"It is a joy to communicate in a way that motivates diverse organizations and individuals toward excellence. To God be all the glory," she proclaims worldwide.

Anita's experience includes secular and Christian teaching, ministry to children and adults, pastoral care, leading worship, corporate business communications, multimedia talent work, photography, and graphic illustration. She has written feature articles, curriculum, books, plays, songs, and scripts. Her work has served entities such as: Progress Magazine, Visiones de la Raza, The Minnesota Spokesman, The ISU Daily, Prudential Insurance Company, The St. Paul Companies, Maple Dental Studio, Ace Band Shop, Little Red Hen Montessori, Edina Historical Society, Lowthian Business College, Golden Valley Lutheran Junior College, Christian Outreach International, Mercy Medical Center, Hoffman Communications, Ernst & Young, Casa de Mana, The Learning Company, AT&T, and The Coon Rapids Herald. 

Raised in a college town, Anita loves learning, writing, and using communication to build bridges. A National Merit Scholar, Anita has an MA in Education - Instructional Design Technology from the University of Iowa, where she researched the impact of media on children. Anita has a BS in Communications - Speech/Mass Media/TV with a Biology/Spanish double minor from Iowa State University. She completed an honors internship at WOI-TV. She has a Bible Diploma from Living Word Bible Institute, a ministry ordination from Sarah Family Ministries Ministerial Training Center, and Business Strategy and Insurance Agent qualifications from ProSource, which she obtained to excel as a corporate communications specialist. Anita is a trained lyric soprano and gymnast. With her versatile background, Anita understands many topics. She favors writing about profiles in outstanding achievement, innovative business, news, faith, family, science, wellness, education, animals, nature, and fine arts.

Prior to Wordspin, Anita was a young senior communications specialist for a top insurance and financial services company. Freelancing gave Anita flexibility for family, business, and ministry. Anita has taught classes ranging from math, writing, and book illustrating to history, theatre, design, and Biblical topics.

"It is a pleasure when people ask me to speak, sing, or minister. I am honored when clients trust me to tackle complex topics and clearly explain that information in a way that captivates target audiences," Anita said.  

If you would like Anita Wardlaw to share at your conference or event, contact Wordspin at 763-755-7815 or afreshnewdaywithanita@gmail.com